Gm D Gm Eb D Gm D Gm Eb D Gm

Gm                      D              Gm
I`m goin` down to the Saint James Infirmary
Gm      Eb    D
to see my baby there

D        Gm                D          Gm
she was stretched out on a long white table
  Eb          D        Gm
so smooth, so cold, so fair

Gm D

      Gm        D            Gm
Well, let her go. let her go, god bless her
Gm      Eb      D
Wherever she may be
D      Gm          D                Gm            Eb                  D              Gm
she can search this whole wide world over but she`ll never find another sweet man like me

Gm D

D          Gm  D              Gm
Now when i die  I wanna be buried
Gm              Eb                  D
in a box with a coat and a stetson hat
D        Gm              D          Gm                    Eb                D              Gm
put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch chain so all the Boys will know i died standin` pat

Gm D

Eb      Gm      D                  Gm                          Eb              D
I want six crap-shooters to be my pall-bearer. well them choir girls sing me a song
D    Gm          D            Gm                                  D            Gm
and put a red hot jazz band on top of my head so we can raise hell as we go along

Gm D

D    Gm    D                        Gm              Eb                D
now,      folks now you`ve heard my story, bartender pass me a shot of booze
D      Gm    D          Gm                Eb              D
and if anyone should ever ask you, say i had the saint james Infirmary blues
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