Summer Wonderland CHORDS by Ronan Keating

Sleigh bells ring,.. are you listening..?

Sunburn sting,.. Ice blocks glistening!

The beautiful sight Of barbies alight!

F#                 B7            E
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland!

Pour the sav in the sunshine!

Serve the pav up at lunchtime!

Pop the bubbles for Nan,.. Pineapples on ham!

F#                 B7            E
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland!

G#          C#              G#
In the arvo we can grab the wickets

    G#             C#                G#
And plastic cricket bat your brother found!

B                 E               B
Backyard full of all your distant rellies,..

     B               F#           B7
So we pass the can of mozzie spray around!

Later on,.. sun is falling,..

And your drunk uncle's snoring!

We'll hear the birds in the trees And feel the warm breeze,..

F3                  B              E
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland!

Way down here,.. Christmas landmarks

Are summer flowers and funny tan marks!

We're happy and bright,.. Not a snowman in sight,..

F#                   B
Strolling through a Summer

F#                   B
Strolling through a Summer

F3                   B             E
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland
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Published : 2017-07-21 08:04:37

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