Guinevere Chords

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(Intro) Am G F (3x) C
       G/C F/C C (3x)

Verso 1
C7m          F
Love me my Guinevere
C7m          F
In my court please be near
Em       Am
While our realm is dying
Em       Am                  Bb7m
And brave knights are crying stay
Close by my side

Verso 2
C7m      F
Lancelot felt no fear
C7m                F
Loved his king's Guinevere
Em      Em
All his love he gave her
Em             Am
Fought through quests to save her
Bb7m             F7m
Love, showing the way

C F/C G F/A Gdim/Bb G/B
F       G            Em    Am
Golden tresses shining in the air
Spread against the Jasper sea


C7m      F
Sorrow beheld her face
C7m            F
False love supplying grace
Em      Am
Knowing Arthur's fights
Em       Am             Bb7m
And his trusted knights meant
more than his Queen


Solo teclado: Am G F E7 (2x)
             Am G F Cm G#7 G7 Cm...
             Cm Bb G# Ebm B7 Bb7 Ebm...

Solo guitarra: Ebm F#/C# B7 F#m D7 C#7 F#m...
             F#m A/E D7 F7 E7 Am (Intro)
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Published : 2017-07-03 13:42:24

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Author : Endah Annely
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