Its Hard To Wave In Handcuffs Chords

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Eb Bb F Eb

[Verse 1]
Eb                   Bb
Sweat poured down his brow
F                            Eb
When the temperature is below zero
Eb                   Bb
First guy he tries to rob
F                Eb
Turns out to be a hero
Eb (x2)

Eb          Bb
He ran and he hid
F                  Eb
When the guy said, just forget it kid
Eb (x1)

Eb                              Bb
If it's a hood they want, It's a hood they'll get
F                        Eb
This time he's ready, and set
Eb (x1)

Eb            Bb
Guzzled half a Colt
F                   Eb
That was sitting on a dryer
Eb             Bb
In an old laundromat
Gm          Eb
What do you think about it
Eb (x1)

Eb                            Bb
When he was through he put the bottle in a jacket
F                      Eb
With six more from the rack
Eb (x1)

Eb                      Bb
Stumbled into the alley for some fun and
Gm                  Eb
Some money And some crackerjack
Eb (x2)

[Chorus 1]
Wipe that goddamn smile off face
I'll blow a hole your wife can't mend
Stuck my gun into his ribs
I'm glad I left the bullets where I did
Just don't say nothing
Don't say nothing
F    F    Eb    Eb

[Verse 2]
Eb             Bb
Walked down the street
F             Eb
Snow is falling down
Eb                   Bb
Twenty bucks he took, Left one buck
F          Eb
'Tip a bum, It's good luck
Eb (x2)

Eb                Bb
Bruce Springsteen
F                Eb
Getting his hair curled
Eb          Bb
Otis Redding
F             Eb
Hanging out the clothes
Eb (x1)

[Chorus 2]
Wipe that goddamn smile old friend
I'll blow a hole your wife can't mend
I'll shoot your head and rip that chest
You can move in it, just be my guest
Wipe that motherfucker off that
I own that Cadillac
F                Eb
God what did I do

A girl I haven't seen in years
Waved to me, I held my tears
She thought my shirt it must have been stuffed
Eb                      Eb
It's hard to wave in handcuffs
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Published : 2017-07-05 06:36:53

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