Close My Eyes CHORDS by Potsu

Singer: potsu ft. shiloh
Song: Close My Eyes

[Verse x4 :]
Fm        Cm        Gm    Bb    Fm          Ab
I know you so well, so  well, I'm nothing without her
Cm        Bb
I  keep falling
I've been pretty...

[Verse Again :]
Fm        Ab        Cm    Bb    Fm          Ab
I know you so well, so  well, I'm nothing without her
Cm        Bb
I  keep falling
Eb              Ab                      Cm            Cm  Gm
I've been pretty crazy, I've been pretty crazy over her
Bb                  Fm              Ab Cm
And I've been pretty crazy, over her ooooh
Bb  Cm        Fm              Ab                  Cm  Gm
And I've been crazy, Ive been pretty crazy over her
                    Fm    Ab Cm
And I've been pretty crazy, ooooh
Fm Bb      Ab
I  know you so well
Fm        Bb
I know you
Ab  Bb          Eb
I'm nothing without her
Without you
I've been pretty...
I know you so well
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Published : 2017-10-27 13:30:00

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