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Planetshakers is the contemporary worship music band, a central part of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia. Members: Andy Harrison, Josh Ham, Russell Evans.
Album: Legacy - Part 2: Passion [Live]
Released: 2017


[Verse 1]
Dbm      A        Gbm            B
Breaking off every chain and the fear that held me
Dbm    A        Gbm                B
I refuse to agree with the lies they told me

[Pre Chorus]
Dbm      A            Gbm              B
I take up my position, speak to all my conditions
Dbm        A                B
Take the authority you won for me

A                          B
The word of the Lord in my mouth
To bring about the change
A                      B
Full of your power I step out
Declare aloud Your praise
        A  B  Dbm
I Prophesy
        A  B  Gb5
I Prophesy

Dbm  A  Gbm  B

[Verse 2]
Dbm    A            Gbm        B
I'm stepping up to become everything You've
called me
Dbm      A        Gbm
I believe in Your word and Your Spirit in me

A                        B
I'll praise You like I've never known defeat
Dbm                    E/G
I'll praise You every second You've redeemed
A                  B              Dbm
I'll praise You, Your power rests on me
A                      B
I'll praise You now for every victory
Dbm                        E/G
I'll praise You cause Your Spirit lives in me
A                B                Dbm
I'll praise You, Your power rests on me

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