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B - B - F# - F# - B - B - F# - F# - Em - F# - G - A - B

what shall we use
Em            F#
to fill the empty spaces
   G        F#    Em
where, we used to talk
F#        G          F#
how shall I fill the final spaces
Em        F#         G     F#
how shall I complete the wall?
Em         F#   G        F#

What shall we use to fill the empty spaces,
where waves of hunger roar, shall we set out
across this sea of faces, in search of more,
and more aplause?

Shall we buy a new guitar
         E2           B2
shall we drive a more powerfull car
         E2                     B2
shall we work straight through the night
         E2                        B2
shall be get into fights?
leave the lights on?
drop bombs?

do tours of the east?
contract deseases?
bury bones? break up homes? send flowers by phone?
     E2                          F#2
take to drink? go to shrinks? give up meat? rarly sleep?
        G2                            F#2
keep people as pets? train dogs, raise rats? fill the attic whith cash?
     E2                    F#2                        G2
bury treasure, store up leasure but never relax at all?
                                   F#2             E2
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