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A A9 A A9

[Verse 1]~
A        A9    A     A9    
is there anyone here i know..?

A      A9         A           A9    D
i look around the room,.. whatever,.. i let it go

A       A9

A       A9         A
steve's in germany

thats it

A         A9      A       A9     D
i try to think of anyone else no,.. yea that's it

A    A9

A    A9       A          A9
so i resolve to make new friends

A      A9          A       A9              D
i liked my old ones but i fucked up so i'll start again

what's the worst that could happen

A       A9        A        A9

[Verse 2]~
A       A9          A        A9
strings fray like my good days

A      A9       A         A9 D
tied around my finger i felt so afraid

A      A9

A       A9        A        A9
i had my mind on her or on my own

A     A9
and when i

A       A9      A      A9 D
looked back up everybody else was gone

so !!

A9   A    A9       A
i resolve to make new friends

A      A9      A        A9
someone tell me to quit my head

and help me forget it

D                              A  D
what's the worst that could happen

D                         A          E
the end of summer and i'm still in love with her

D     A D
i said

D     A D
forget it

D                            A  D
was it worse that i wasn't sure

D                        A        E
the end of summer and i'm still in love with her

D     A D
i said

D     A D
forget it

D     A D
forget it

D    A9 D
forget it
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