Long Gone CHORDS by Phum Viphurit

[Intro :]
C Em G Em
C G Em
C Bm G Em
C Bm G Em

[Verse :]
C                    Bm          G    D
Hold on loose, don't grip me so tight
        C                    Bm                    G
I've got no wings to fly but this spirit's taking flight

    C                          Bm                  G    D
So tonight, we'll dance, let's pretend we rule this town
In tomorrow's dawn
Bm            G
I'll be long gone
Long gone, long gone

C Bm G

Em            Bm  C Bm G
I'll be long gone
Bm          C    Bm D G Em
I'll be long gone

[Instrumental :]
C Bm D G Em

[Verse :]
      C              Bm              G
Don't hold me loose, please grip me tight
    C                  Bm                  G
My lungs are paper dry, from fear of losing sight

C                    Bm                        G
Take my palms, we'll build a wall around this town
      C              Bm            G
In tomorrow's dawn, you'll be long gone
Long gone, long gone

[Outro :]
C Bm G
You'll be long gone
C Bm G
You'll be long gone
I'll be long gone
I'll be long gone
You'll be long gone
You'll be long gone
I'll be long gone
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Published : 2017-10-09 15:28:38

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