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capo: 4th fret
C  D  Em  GC  D  Em  G  C
[verse (1)]
Cwherever i go, Di'm in your shadow
Emi'm in your pGresence
Cup through the heavens, uDnder the ocean
Emi'm in your pGresence
C  yeah, yeDah, yeah, yEmeah    G
[verse (2)]
Cthere is a stillness Din all the madness
Emhere in your Gpresence
Cmy heart is tetheDred, i want to stay heEmre
oh, i love your preGsence
'cause the lConger i wait, the mDore you can do
and the deeEmper i fall in Glove with you
so i wCait, wDait for yEmou   G
so i wCait, wDait for yEmou    G
C  D  Em  G
[verse (3)]
Cthe battle rageDs, but you have promiEmsed
nothing will hGarm me
Cyou go before Dme, you stand behind Emme
oh, i am surrGounded
'cause the loCnger i wait, the mDore you can do
and the deEmeper i fall in Glove with you
so i wCait, i wDait for Emyou G
so i wCait, waDit for Emyou  G
Amdo whatever you wannaEm do
moGve however you wanna mDove
Amyou're the one i'm clingin' Emto
so i'll be waDitin', i'm waitin'
oh, Amdo whatever you wannaEm do
Gmove however you wanna Dmove
Amyou're the one i'm clingin'Em to
so i'll be waDitin', yeah, i'm waitin'
'cause the loCnger i wait, the moDre you can do
and the deEmeper i fall in Glove with you
every prComise you make is a prDomise you prove
every brEmeath that i take is a cGhance with you
show your pCower again, show your lDove all these ways
it's not a mEmatter of if, no, it's a maDtter of when
so i wait for yBmou   Am     G   D
yeah, i'm wDaitin', i'm waitin' forBm youC.....G...Em.....D...Em.....D............
i wait for yBmou...Am.....G....
Dthere's nothin' better,Em there's Dnothin' better thBman yCou, Gno....
Di keep on waitin',Em oh, i'll beBm waitin' foCr you
so i wait, waiDt for Cyou..G.....D....C....


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