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Album: _A Kind Revolution
Released: 2017

[Verse 1]
C            F
In late night bars There ghost of Hopper
C            F
Paints such melancholy colours
C            F            C    F
With sullen neon lights
C            F
In late night bars The ghost of Hopppers
C                  F
Speaks in whispers Only he can hear
C                  F
Smiles like a lion Sighs like a lamb
C             F
Dreams in muted symphonies

Cm                               G
And while you’re waiting For your change
G#    A#            Gm    D
In a diamond in the rain

[Verse 2]
C            F
In late night bars The whims of Hopper
C                              F
Wonders where all the people go When the light goes down
C                F
Answers all your questions With a gesture
C                F
Don’t care where he’s goin to

[Horn Instrumental]

C F x3

Cm                  G
In a diamond in the rain
G#          A#                Gm      D
While you’re waiting for your change

[Verse 3]
C                   F
I’m sat in a corner I’m merged with the wall
C                         F
Become part of the painting No point fighting it all
C                F                   C    F
I’m quite relaxed It’s frightning me.

[Horn Instrumental]

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Published : 2017-07-05 09:20:13

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