Impossible Year UKULELE Chords

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F Faug Dm/F Faug
F Faug Dm/F Faug

[Verse 1]~
          F       Faug
There's no sunshine

      Dm/F         Faug
This impossible year

    F             Faug
Only black days and sky grey

    Dm/F          F7
And clouds full of fear

    Bb            F/A
And storms full of sorrow

    Gm       G/B
That won't disappear

    F/C          A/C#
Just typhoons and monsoons

      Dm       Eb
This impossible year

[Verse 2]~
          Bb         Bbaug
There's no good times

      Gm/Bb         Bbaug
This impossible year

      Bb            Bbaug
Just a beachfront of bad blood

    Gm/Bb          Bb7
And a coast that's unclear

       Eb            Bb/D
All the guests at the party

       Cm      C/E
They're so insincere

         Bb          D
They just intrude and exclude

      Gm       Ab
This impossible year

[Verse 3]~
          Eb         Ebaug
There's no you and me

      Cm/Eb         Ebaug
This impossible year

    Eb          Ebaug
Only heartache and heartbreak

   Cm/Eb       Eb7
And gin made of tears

   Ab            Eb/G
The bitter pill I swallow

   Fm         F/A
The scars souvenir

    Eb          G
That tattoo,.. your last bruise

      Cm       Db
This impossible year

There's never air to breathe

There's never in-betweens

    Fm                Eb               Bb
These nightmares always hang on past the dream

Eb Ebaug Cm/Eb Ebaug
Eb Ebaug Cm/Eb Eb7
Ab Eb/G Fm F
Eb/Bb G/B Cm Db

          Eb       Ebaug
There's no sunshine

          Cm/Eb      Ebaug
There's no you and me

          Eb         Ebaug
There's no good times

      Cm/Eb    Ebaug
This impossible year
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Published : 2017-07-20 12:37:00

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