Fare Thee Well CHORDS by Oscar Isaac

[Verse :]
D        G          D
If I had wings like Noah's dove
            Bm          D    G
I'd fly the river to the one I love
          D    Bm  D      A        D
Fare thee well, oh, honey, fare thee well

                G        D
I had a man, was long and tall
              Bm          D    G
Who moved his body like a cannonball
          D    Bm D      A        D
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well

              G                      D
I remember one evening in the pouring rain
          Bm          D      G
And in my heart was an aching pain
          D    Bm D      A        D
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well

                D            G      D
Now one of these mornings it won't be long
              Bm      D      G
You'll call my name and I'll be gone
          D    Bm D      A        D
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well

      D          G        D
Muddy river, was muddy and wild
            Bm          D      G
Can’t give a body from my unborn child
          D    Bm D      A        D
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well

          D          G    D
Show us a bird flying high above
                Bm                D      G
Life ain’t worth living without the one you love
          D    Bm D      A        D
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well
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Published : 2017-10-19 07:36:20

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