[Verse 1 :]
          Bb              Eb
could've been one lonely night
  Bb                Eb
  just like all the others
        Bb        Eb
but you lit up my life
  Bb                          Eb
this is what it's like to be lovers

[Chorus :]
you and me
need never be
lonely again
spin with me
      Bb              Gm
or at least until the end
  Cm          Eb        Bb
please never fall in love again
    Cm            Eb          Bb
Oh, please never fall in love again

[Verse 2 :]
  Bb            Gm
and if some other guy
Bb            Gm
catches your eye
Eb                Bb
just text me your goodbye
Eb                    B            Bb
you know i don't look pretty when i cry
and i don't want that to be

your final glimpse of me
but if you could please
Cm              Eb
return my shrek dvds
Bb Gm

[Chorus :]
Cm            Eb          Bb
please never fall in love again
Cm              Eb            Bb
Oh please never fall in love again
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