[intro :]=====

Gm Eb Bb Eb F Eb
Gm Eb Bb Eb F Eb

=====[verse :]=====

Gm         Eb
A tangled acre
Bb               Eb
Oh tall tree shaker
F         Eb
Oh mountain maker
Gm            Eb
Oh mountain breaker
Bb         Eb
Oh faultline quaker
F         Eb
A torn off anchor

=====[music :]=====

Gm Eb Bb Eb F Eb

=====[verse :]=====

Gm              Eb
And the hot hard healer
Bb               Eb
Is a sweet street feeler
F             Eb
And a wild wet wheeler
Gm              Eb
The pink prince of failures
Bb            Eb
Is a spoiled sea sailor
F              Eb
With terns and wailers

Gm            Dm
Pulled up the ribbon
Gm            F     Eb
Pulled up the ribbon
And brought into the light
Dm           Eb      Cm
Through the window door

=====[music :]=====

Gm Eb Gm Eb Gm Eb Bb Eb F Eb

=====[verse :]=====

Gm                Eb
Like an air blue eagle
Bb                Eb
Sailing through the ceiling
F             Eb
At the edge of feeling
Gm            Eb
On the emerald island
Bb                  Eb
All the shipwrecked spy him
F                  Eb
And the searchlights shining

Gm            Dm
Pulled up the ribbon
Gm            F     Eb
Pulled up the ribbon
                       Bb  Dm
And brought into the light
Pulled up the ribbon
Pulled up the ribbon
     Eb                Bb
And watched all in the sky

Gm            Dm
You pull up the ribbon
Gm            F     Eb
You pull up the ribbon
    Eb            Bb
Across oceans of sky
Dm           Eb           Cm
Through the air, lifts on and on
      Bb      Dm        Eb         Cm
Till starlit and in and out we're drawn
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