The Silent Witness Chords

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A# D# F# A# F
Dm C#m E F# ( x2 )

F D#m      F# F
I cannot think of a Reason

Dm C#m E F# ( x2 )

F D#m    F# A#m      F
A Question without an Answer

Dm C#m E F# ( x2 )
E D#m C#m A B

E D#m    G#m      C#m
An Answer I can't give
A          B    E
I am the silent Witness
To all Misery
C#m       A    B
Created by Lies and Deceit
E       D#m
I can't find
       C#m    A B
The missing Pieces of this Puzzle

Em C D Em B ( x3 )

Puzzle I am
C             D
I still can't speak
Em    B       Em
A silent Witness forever
      C            D
On a Quest for the Answer
Em B
I seek

[Solo :]
Em C D
Em B
Em C D
Em B ( x3 )

B                  Em
Even others cannot help
For they have no Sight
Of what's Inside

Talking ain't no Solution
Em                  B
Because they don't see
Em          B
What the reason is

B Em

The Reason of Being me

F D#      F# A# F      Dm
I cannot think of a Reason

      C# E F#
Dm C# E F#

      A#    D# F#   B A#
That's the question
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Published : 2017-10-21 04:55:28

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The Silent Witness
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