no capo!

[verse (1)]

What else can i do
When the city skyline
         Em           F
Leave me blue and indecisive
What else can i say
When your eyes
They dart to and fro
But i can't look away

[verse (2)]

I want to feel grounded
Like a sturdy oak
I want to be surrounded
By honest hope
I feel devoid of kindness
You've made this home
A place that i don't know
  G                  C
A place that i don't know


G  Em  F  C
G  Em  F

[verse (3)]

You were so unsure
Of your own desires
         Em              F
You were tearin' at your seams
Alas you should have known
These alterations
          Em            F
They were also changin' me

[verse (4)]

And all the hurt and anger
Like a silent ghost
All this empty anger
        G      C
Dashing out of smoke
I want to give kindness
But you've taken me
To a place that i don't know
  G                  Am
A place that i don't know


F  C    Am  F  C
Em Am  F  C
Am  F  C


Hands are crossed but they were once
( ? ) things of yours
It's a mess i didn't make but still it hurts me so
Em            Am
  i yearn for you but oh
My love you have to go
You made this home a place that i don't know

Em            Am
  and all the times that
I'd caress your freckled arms
When you would hold me in the early hours of dark
Em               Am
  these pictures don't make up
For how you left me ( ? )
So alone in this place that i don't know
     Em                 Am
This place that i don't know

    F       C
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Em  Am        F       C  Em
    know, oh, oh, oh, oh


Am  F  C
Am  F  C
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About Odette

Odette songs
Georgia Odette Sallybanks, who performs as Odette, is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician who was born in Bath, England and grew up in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. Odette was born to a South African mother and an English father. She began writing music at approximately eight years old.