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Basic Chords Novo Amor - Haven (from Life Is Strange)

capo: 4th fret
Am Am C C F C F GAm Am C C F C F CAm Am C C F C F GAm Am C C F C F C
[verse (1)]
i'll be Amlate, but i could Cmake it all up to Fyou-C----F-
i'll Gcount down the Amdays, don’t Csay that you wouldn’t Ftoo-C----F-
'cause Ci heard the Amrain, as i Cfelt you coming FloosCe---F----G-
and Ci heard my Amname, it bCroke my head in Ftwo-C----F----C-
Am Am C C F C F GAm Am C C F C F C
[verse (2)]
i'll celebAmrate on the Cday that i get the FnewsC----F-
i'll Ccount down the Amways, i'll be Cwishing that i was Fyou-C-
but Fi can't CcorreAmlate--C--- the way you FmoveC----F-
so i'll sCtay half aAmway, and i'll Cguess that it'll Fdo--C----F---C-
Am Am C C F C F GAm Am C C F C F C


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About Novo Amor

Ali John Meredith-Lacey, better known under the moniker Novo Amor, (Born: August 11, 1991) is a Welsh multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, sound designer and producer. Lacey rose to prominence after the release of his debut EP Woodgate, NY in March 2014.

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