Buy For Me The Rain CHORDS by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

G C Cm Bb

Buy for me the rain,.. my darling,.. buy for me

the rain!

Buy for me the crystal pools that fall upon

the plain!

And I'll buy for you a rainbow and a million
pots of gold!

C             Bb           F             Bb
Buy it for me now,.. babe,.. before I am too old!

(I am too old!)

C              F                C
Buy for me the sun,.. my darling,.. buy for me the

              Bb                    C
Buy for me the light that falls when day has
just begun!

        F                          G
And I'll buy for you a shadow to protect you from
the day!

C             Bb                             C
Buy it for me now,.. babe,.. before I go away-ay-ay!

C              Bb              F
Buy for me the robin,.. darling,.. buy for me the wing!

C            F
Buy for me a sparrow,.. almost any flying thing!

F                                     G
And I'll buy for you a tree,.. my love,.. where a robin's
nest may grow!

C             Gm             F               Bb
Buy it for me now,.. babe,.. the years all hurry so!

(they hurry so!)

I cannot buy you happiness,.. I cannot buy you years!

C                F             C
I cannot buy you happiness,.. in place of all the tears!

         F                            G
But I can buy for you a gravestone,.. to lay behind
your head!

C                             F
Gravestones cheer the living,.. dear,.. they're no use

      Bb                   C
to the dead!!(no use to the dead!)

F C F G C Bb F G
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Published : 2017-07-20 12:59:48

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