Blue Hat For A Blue Day Chords

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G Am Em G
G Am Em G

[Verse 1]

G                     Am                  Em
Did you say it's all over, it was me not a whisper,
the marriage is over, was it me or my heart,
G            Am                   Em
justify all affection, beyond recollection,
             G                               D
I was fine in virginia, guess it's true what I said.

[chorus 1]

D                   Dsus2      C
wake up, get up, get out, break up
just say goodbye for today,I'm wearing my,
D             Dsus2       C      Em
blue hat for a blue day is all we need.

[verse 2]

G         Am      Em       G
please my love, release the things that I touch,
G         Am       Em       G
please my girl, release the story of love.
G         Am          Em    G
swim with love, don't lose that magical part,
    G    Am          Em       G
of you,my sweet, blue girl, you're heading to lose.

[chorus 2]

D                        Dsus2
your blue hat for a blue day
   C       Em
is all, we need
D                   Dsus2 C      Em
a blue hat for a blue day is all we need.


A             Amaj7                        A7
but you can't understand what I hold in my hand,
it's only...god, how I miss you,
   G               D       A    G    A
my blue times that rain so hard
A                  Adim                   Asus4
but you can't understand what I hold in my hand,
it's only...god, how I miss you,
   G               D       A    G   A
my blue times that came so hard.


C    G   A    C    G   A
blue for you, blue for you.


A Asus2 Esus2

[Verse 3]

G                   Am               Em
did you say it's all over leaving for minnesota,
the marriage is over,was it me or my heart.
G         Am          Em                G
please my love, don't lose the story of love.

[chorus 3]

D                   Dsus2 C      G
blue hat for a blue day is all we need,
D                     Dsus2 C             G
a blue hat for a blue day, a blue hat for a blue day,
D             Dsus2       C             G
blue day, blue day, a blue day, it's all over,
D                     Dsus2               C                   G
I guess it's all over for us two, but you can't understand my blue day
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Published : 2017-05-29 06:25:01

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