Roller Skates Chords

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[Verse :]
B       C#9             Amaj7
I heard about it every day now
B             C#9                   Amaj7
Taking you for granted.. it's going to change now
B       C#9                  Amaj7
I can't believe I left you up waiting
B       C#9                   Amaj7
Will you forgive me although I've forsaken

[Chorus :]
All of you?
All of you?
F#m7       F#7
All of you?

[Verse :]
B    C#9             Amaj7
Dear let's do what you want to
B             C#9          Amaj7
Look at what I'm saying.. let's go
For a ride
B             C#9                Amaj7
Look into the mirror voila drinking nectar
B             C#9                Amaj7
A couple days later it's never felt better

[Chorus :]
All of you?
All of you?
F#m7       F#7
All of you?

[Ending :] B    C#9 Amaj7
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Published : 2017-09-20 16:45:42

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Author : Bambang Oyeh
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