Dreamed I Saw Soldiers Chords

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A E B C#m

A                         E
Climbed out the window and stared at the stars

       B                   C#m
But the moment I wanted had already passed

A          E       B               C#m
Lost in the silence, blessed by the night

A             E         B                        C#m
Dreamed I saw soldiers; they were all dressed in white

All dressed in white

A E B C#m
A E B C#m

          A                     E
Well, the summer came late, so I slept here for days

    B                      C#m
'Til Winter was over and my heart could be saved

A             E       B                C#m
I walked for a lifetime and I climbed in a hole

A                      E       B                      C#m
She had breasts on the outside, she had breath in her soul

Death in her soul


A                      E
Placed in a bottle and flung out to sea

      B                            C#m
I was stung by the thought that the ship was now me

A          E       B               C#m
Lost in the silence, blessed by the night

A               E         B                        C#m
I dreamed I saw soldiers; they were all dressed in white

All dressed in white


A                     E
A fellow by nature, I fell for a way

          B                     C#m
That would shake me all over and spin me around

A          E       B            C#m
Twisted my feelings 'til I nearly drowned

A             E          B             C#m
It was love at first sight the first time around

Time around


      A                        E
We stared at the walls 'til we lost all the dawn

B                               C#m
Waiting for words, I said, "I've been cursed by your love.”
A       E    B            C#m
                Crying for shame

A    E             B             C#m
       So what has become of our love?

Of our love?


A                         E
Now all the neighbors have stolen my stash

B                               C#m
I write poems about death; I ain't finished one yet

A          E       B               C#m
Lost in the silence, blessed by the night

A               E         B                        C#m
I dreamed I saw soldiers; they were all dressed in white

All dressed in white

A E B C#m
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