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    C     Em
Kkumil geoya

           C           F
Gieok sok moseup geudaero

    C        Em          Am  F
Nae nunape nega meomchwo isseo

  C        Em

          C         F
Geu oraen sigan dwiedo

     C             G         Am  F
Nae simjangeun geunareul banbokhae

Dm            F
Du nuneul gameumyeon

Gieogeun eoneusae

               Em     C     F
Uril dasi geugoseuro deryeoga

           C                 Em
Oneureun kkok malhaeya hal tende

       Am     F     F
Soril nael suga eopseo

             C       Em     C
Soneul ppeodeo neol jabeuryeo haedo

Mamdaero andwae

C           Em
Sueopsi yeonseuphan

  C             F
Ajik neol saranghae

          C      Em   C  Am
Kkeutkkeutnae hajil moshae

Neol bonaemyeon an doel tende

C Em          Am             F
I hyeonsil gateun kkumeseo kkae

C               Em           Am  F
Akmong gateun harureul tto samkyeo

    C            Em
But which is real

         Am             F
Nega eopsneun nae sesange

      C                                Am  F
Naege jueojin geon neol kkumkkuneun geosppun

   Dm             F
Du nuneul gameumyeon

   C     Dm    C
Gieogeun eoneusae

G     C         Em          F
Uril dasi geugoseuro deryeoga

          C                Em
Oneureun kkok magaya hal tende

        C          F
Nuneul pihal su eopseo

C                 Em           Am
Bareul dollyeo domangchiryeo haedo

Mamdaero andwae

C           Em
Sueopsi doesaegin

  Am         F
Ije geumanhaja

          C       Em    Am
Kkeutkkeutnae makjil moshae

      F                 Dm  F
Neol bonaemyeon an doel tende

       Em G     C  F
I akmongi oh no no no

    G  Am
I gieogi

     G           Dm
Nal goerophin daedo

Myeot beoni banbokdoeeodo

Neol dasi mannal su issneun

F              G  C
I kkumeuro deureoga

         Em   Am

         F            C
Geunyang nagal su eopseo

Em             C
Siganeul meomchwo

Gieogeul dollyeo

C             Em
Sueopsi kkumkkwossdeon

   C         F
Dasi sijakhaja

          C       Em    Am
Kkeutkkeutnae haejundamyeon

    F                 C
I kkumeseo nan sal tende

Am  F  C  Em Am
Oh yeah

Kkaeji anheul tende
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Published : 2018-02-23 01:51:41

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NCT is a South Korean boy group formed by S.M. Entertainment. Their name stands for the Hallyu localization project Neo Culture Technology, a term coined by S.M. Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man to describe the group's concept of having an unlimited number of members divided into multiple sub-units