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Nathaniel David Rateliff (born October 7, 1978) is an American singer and songwriter based in Denver, whose influences are described as folk, Americana and vintage rhythm & blues.

Basic Chords Nathaniel Rateliff - And it's Still Alright

capo: 1st fret

[verse (1)]

It ain't alright
    G              D
The hardness of my head
Now, close your eyes
And spin around say
A      D     A          D    A
  hard times you, could find it
          D            G
Ain't the way that you want
But it's still alright

[verse (2)]

Late at night
       G               D
Do you lay around wondering?
Counting all the lines
Ain't so funny now say
A           D     A
  times are hard you
         D       A
Get this far but it
          D            G
Ain't the way that you want

A         D      A           D     A
  i'll be damned if this old man don't
         D            G
Start to count on his losses
But it's still alright


  they say you learn a lot out there
  how to scorch and burn
  gonna have to bury your friends
  then you'll find it gets worse
  standing out on the ledge
D                          A
  with no way to get down
You start praying for wings to grow
Oh, baby, just let go


Bm G D   Bm G D
Bm G D   Bm G D

[verse (3)]

I ain't alright
         G             D
You keep spinning out ahead
It was cold outside
When i hit the ground said
A               D            A       D
  i could sleep here, forget all the fear
A            D       G
It will take time to grow
maybe i don't know

Hey, tonight
       G           D
If you think about it
Remembering all the times
That you pointed out say
A              D         A        D
  the glass is clear but all this fear
A        D         G
Starts a-leaving a mark
A           D         A         D
  your idle hands are all that stands
A           D           G
  from your time in the dark
But it's still alright

has been published since 1 year ago

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  2. CHORDS And it's Still Alright
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