Looking For The Light Chords

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[intro :]=====

A        D    A
A        D    A

=====[verse (1)]=====

We were born into a battle,

D                A
We never got to choose

And every night that cigarette

       D                E
Would burn down like a fuse

It would glow until it'd blow

     D               A
And brother hang on tight

I was raised up in the darkness,

           E               A
I'm still looking for the light

=====[interlude :]=====

A    D    A

=====[verse (2)]=====

I poured the hurt into my music

      D               A
The bourbon down my throat

Left me broken like the bottle

     D               E
And bendy like them roads

Once i thought i almost made it

      D               A
And thought i'd be alright

But no she had to go,

           E              A
Leave me looking for the light

=====[chorus :]=====

F#m    D    A

F#m    D    A

F#m    D    A     E     D

=====[verse (3)]=====

And i'm wandering, and wondering

D                    A
Where this all will lead

With no more tears to cry

     D                 E
And no more blood to bleed

I could give into this darkness

         D                A
And who knows, someday i might

Till then i'll keep on walking,

          E               A
Keep on looking for the light

=====[chorus :]=====

        F#m    D     A
Singing hoooooo

F#m   D    A

F#m    D A E D

=====[outro :]=====

A        D    A
A        D    A
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Published : 2018-02-25 10:33:46

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