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    Dm             Bb             E/G#            A7

[Verse 1]
Lips are turning blue
a kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

Tiptoe to your room
a starlight in the gloom
I only dream of you
And you never knew

C          C/E* C/F* Gm Gm7
Sing for ab- so- lu- tion
Gm7/F* Gm/E*   C
I    will be singing
            C/Bb* C/A* Gm    Gm2
And falling from your grace

[Verse 2]
There's nowhere left to hide
In no one to confide
The truth burns deep inside
And will never die

(same chords progression)

Lips are turning blue
a kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

D5 Bb5 E/G# A5addF A5

Dm                        Bbmaj7 Bb6
    Our wrongs remain un- recti- fied
       E7addG/G# E7/G#          Asus4   A
And our so-          uls won't be ex- humed

Dm Dm/C
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Published : 2017-06-08 09:32:40

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