Guiding Light Chords

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[Verse 1]
    C               Am
When pure hearts and stumble
   F            Gsus4 G
In my hands they crumble
    Am G/B      C               F
And fragile and stripped to the core
       C       G C
I can't hurt you anymore

C       Am
Loved by numbers
    F               Gsus4 G
You loosing, life's wonder
    Am    G/B C          F
And touch like strangers detached
      C       G C
I can feel you anymore

[Chorus 1]
    F G      Am             F
And sunshine, trapped in our hearts
It could rise again
       F       G
But I'm lost and crushed
    Am          F             Dm      G            C
I'm cold and confused with no guiding light left inside

         F/C      C
You were guiding, light, ooh ooh ooh woah

[Guitar Solo]
C Am F Gsus4 G

Am C/B C   F C G C
Ho, Ho, Ho, Haaa

[Chorus 2]
    F    G       Am         F                C
And come from and won't come befouled I still reach for you
       F            G
But I'm lost and I'm crushed
    Am          F             Dm      G            C
I'm cold and confused but not guiding light left inside

          F/C      C
You're my guiding, light
          F/C      C
You're my guiding, light
            F/C      Fm          C
There is no guiding, light left inside
          F/C    Fm          C
There's no guiding light in us
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Published : 2017-06-08 05:44:14

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