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D5   Gadd#11   G   D5   Dsus2    Gadd#11    G

[Verse 1]
D5            Gadd#11 G
You would say any      thing
D5                Gadd#11 G
And you would try any      thing
D5             Gadd#11 G
To escape your meaning less
D5               Gadd#11   G
And your insig   nifi      cance

[Pre chorus]
F#    ( A#bass ) Bm       Bm/A
You're uncon    troll    able
G#m7   G7      F#7sus4      F#7
And we are un love   a    ble
F#    ( A#bass )   Bm
And I don't want you to think
Bm/A          G#m7
That I care
       G7            F#7sus4       F#7
I never would I never could a       gain

B5                Gsus2   G5
Why can't you just love    her?
B5                Gsus4    G5
And why be such a mon       ster
B5               Gmaj7    G5
You bully from a dis      tance
B5                         Gmaj7   G5
Your brain needs some as    sist    ance
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Dua Lipa
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Sam Smith
Too Good At Goodbyes
J Balvin
Mi Gente

Published : 2017-06-08 05:32:37

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