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Ebm    Ebm/Db
You’re an animal
Ebm/Gb             Ebm Ebm/Db Ebm/Ab Ebm/Gb
Don’t take anything less
Ebm            Ebm/Db
Out of control
You’re out of control
Ebm/Gb             Ebm   Ebm/Db Ebm/Ab Ebm/Gb
Strike those in distress
Abm    Abm/G
Abm7/Gb   Db/F
Db   Db/Cb Gbm/A Db/Ab
Gb   Bb/F Ebm   Ebm/Db
Bend more rules
Abm/Cb Abm6    Bb7sus4 Bb7
Buy yourself an island

Ebm Ebm/Db Ebm/Ab Ebm/Gb

Ebm    Ebm/Db
We’re animals
Ebm/Gb                   Ebm    Ebm/Db Ebm/Ab Ebm/Gb
Buy when blood is on the street
Ebm            Ebm/Db
Out of control
We’re out of control
Ebm/Gb                      Ebm Ebm/Db Ebm/Ab Ebm/Gb
Crush those who beg at your feet
Abm    Abm/G
Abm7/Gb   Db/F
Db         Db/Cb Gbm/A Db/Ab
Spread out
Gb       Bb/F Ebm    Ebm/Db
Kill the competition
    Abm/Cb Abm6    Bb7sus4 Bb7
And buy yourself an ocean

Ebm Ebm/Db Ebm/Ab Ebm/Gb

Abm      Abm/G
Abm7/Gb Db/F
Db      Db/Cb Gbm/A Db/Ab
Lay off
Gb   Bb/F Ebm Ebm/Db
Kill yourself
            Abm/Cb Abm6 Bb7sus4 Bb7
Come on and do us all a favour

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Published : 2017-06-08 04:32:33

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