Album: 1 Up Top Ahk
Released: 2017

[Verse 1]
Bm                  Gbm
Ay, we done came a long way, traveled down the wrong way
A                              Dm
They ain't find no shell cases, thankful for the cold case
Bm                            Gbm
Thankful for the prostitutes, assuming that we soulmates
A                            Dm
Thankful for the big homie, coached me through the dope game
Bm                          Gbm
Boogers clutter both chains, Euros hugging both lanes
A                                  Dm
Caught up in this style of living, couldn't if I want to change
Bm                            Gbm
Hang out on the porch with yay, out on bail, forced to pray
A                          Dm
God is good, God is great, I thank you for another day
Bm                      Gbm
Thank you for this 100K, thank you for my girly face
A                          Dm
I was too broke to ever visualize the world this way
Bm                                Gbm
Trapped inside a world of pain, I trapped for every quarter gained
A                              Dm
I don't do this shit for fame, bitch, I do this shit for gang
Bm                                    Gbm
Since when did I go against the grain? Gave them niggas sticks to bang
A                                      Dm
Helped them niggas get them chains and showed the hood a different way
Bm                          Gbm
Bust it down and deviate it, everybody seeing paper
A                              Dm
I just want to see you make it, incubator 80's baby

[Chorus] 2x
Bm                                      Gbm
One up top ahky, something stocky in the choppy
A                            Dm
Fat wally for bradaski, off a Oxy bet he mop 'em
Bm                                  Gbm
Pour a four of wocky, vision cloudy, sleep walkin'
A                                    Dm
Pour a four of wocky, vision cloudy sleep walkin'

[Verse 2]
Bm                                Gbm
All them trials and tribulations, bail enhancements and arraignments
A                              Dm
Affidavits and them statements, waiting game, so I waited
Bm                                Gbm
The numbers double up when niggas labeled gang related
A                                      Dm
Plus I'm in and out of family court for Dooters, shit was brazy
Bm                                      Gbm
Child Protective Services, only thing can break me
A                                Dm
Family of a murder victim, only reason you should hate me
Bm                                                        Gbm
I been feeling smothered lately, blood called me for the yankee
A                                      Dm
He ain't even call to thank me for that put on I just gave him
Bm              Gbm
I miss my brother Deezy, only if those bullets grazed him
A                                      Dm
Wasn't no hatred in my heart until that happened, that's what changed me
Bm                              Gbm
My last trip to Quinten for that yicki really saved me
A                                          Dm
I was moving mainey every daily, on my baby, nigga
Bm                                    Gbm
Shoot you if you if you make me, nigga, E we finally made it nigga!
A                          Dm
Mozzy Shawn callin from the bounty, "what you facing, nigga?"
Bm                                  Gbm
Shout out to the Asian boys, I love you for them k-da's nigga
A                              Dm
Call me when you need me, y'all forever in my favor nigga
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