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Album: a Crow Looked at Me
Released: 2017

Em D C x2

Em            D             C
Today I just felt it for the first time
Em                  D            C
Three months and one day after you died
G                                    D
I realized that these photographs we have of you
Em    D    C          Em D    C
Are slowly replacing the subtle familiar
G          D                Em       D       C
Memory of what it's like to know you're in the other room
Em            D            C
To hear you singing on the stairs
Em             D             C
A movement, a pine cone, your squeaking chair
    G D    C
The quiet untreasured
Em    D    C
In between times
Em      D    C       G      D
The actual experience of you here
      Em       D       C
I can feel these memories escaping
Em          D       C                  Em D    C
Colonized by photos narrowed down and told my mind erasing
    Em       D                  C
The echo of you in the house dies down

~pretty piano comes in~

      G          Bm
October wind blows
            Em      D
It makes a door close
       Em       D            C
I look over my shoulder to make sure
             G          D
But there is nobody here
          Em                D          C
I finally took out the upstairs bathroom garbage
                        Em             D      C
that was sitting there forgotten since you were here
                G          D
Wanting just to stay with us
Just to stay living
            G    D
I threw it away
             Em          D          C
Your dried out, bloody, end-of-life tissues
    Em          D       C
Your toothbrush and your trash
       G      D            C
And the fly buzzing around the room
      G      D          C
Could that possibly be you too?
    G      D       C       D
I let it go out the window
Em      D       C
It does not feel good
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Published : 2017-08-16 04:50:47

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