[Intro :]
Bb                    F    Bm  G
Don’t bother calling, I’ll call you
Bb                    F    G    Em
Don’t bother calling, I’ll call you

C Am C Am

[Verse :]
C                                Am
I’m not a body, the body is but a shell
C                                    Am
I disembody but suffering is sovereign
    C                G  Am
Still no grasp of reality
    F                    Dm  Bm
The world is a wonderland scene
        C          Dbm Am
I don’t know what we are
C                                    Am    Dbm
But every cell in the corpus resembles stars
F              Bm Dm Bm
Signal into the sky
F                    Am Bm Em
God sings to me in reply

F Dm C
F Dm C

[CHORUS 1]==
| Bb    G
| Don’t bother calling,
| Bm        C
| I’ll call you
| Bb          C
| Don’t bother calling,
| Bm        C  Am  Em
| I’ll call you

[Verse :]
C                                    Am
I’m not somebody, somebody would savor us
C                                        Am
You need a solid, but I’m made of liquid
    C      Am                  Dm
Trust in me, I am the son of the sea
    Am                F              Bm  Dbm
And I’ll call you when I feel finally free
C                    Gb
I don’t know what we are
    Dm        F                      C              Am    Bm
But all I know is I can’t go away with you with half a heart

Dm G Dm C G C

[CHORUS 2]==
| G          C
| Don’t bother calling,
| G      C    Em C
| I’ll call you
| C                 F
| Don’t bother asking
|       G      Dbm  Am
| for the truth
| F    Dm    Am
| Don’t bother calling,
|              C
| I’ll call you
| Dm
| Don’t bother calling,
|           Am
| I’ll call you

Well, I tried
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Published : 2017-12-13 08:26:16

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