Hawaii CHORDS by Moody Beach

[Intro :]
Dmaj7  Em7  A7
Dmaj7  Em7  A7

[Verse 1 :]
......We've been together for a while
        Em7                  A7
But you know, you still feel new to me
......We sit together on the beach
      Em7            A7
And we look out to the ocean

[Interlude :]
Dmaj7  Em7  A7
Dmaj7  Em7  A7

[Verse 2 :]
......Sometimes when I look outside
      Em7            A7
All I see is what he gives to me
......Wanna take you to unwind
      Em7                A7
So you know all the things we could be
......And then when we have a fight
        Em7            A7
You will say "Baby, it's over"
......I'll be waiting inside
        Em7              A7
Till you get back from my hometown

[Chorus :]
G                A7
..You know when I follow you
G          A7
..No matter what you do
G                A7
..You know when I follow you
G          A7
..And not always be true

[Outro :]
Dmaj7                Em7      A7
    Oh la la la, la laaa  ahhhhh
Dmaj7                Em7      A7    Em7    A7  Dmaj7
    Oh la la la, la la la la la,  oooh
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Published : 2017-10-15 06:36:30

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