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You a pussy you get popped,
no janitor I keep the mop
          Em              G
That bitch on me when I shop,
            C            Bm
so come my way like Fetty Wap
I slide for real I'm on your
heels when I pull up no ankle socks
          Em              G
It's going down relax a nigga like
       C                Bm
Yung Joc straight at his top
Grew up in the 'jects,
we use to hoop on them crates
Gang banging and holdin' up rakes
Start movin' that weight,
was gettin' it from outer state
I chose the hustle to escape
While getting this cake,
I had to kill a few snakes
I took my crookeds with my straights,
hero with no cape
While making sure my people straight,
I came out on top like a tank
Now bitch i'm the best,
it is not up for debate
Always drop and crack like a vase,
more views that a wake
I got what they want like a safe,
my ex on my dick Triple H
No I'm not her man,
but sometimes my belt got a H
My swagger from outer space
My new bitch is perfect,
just right for me like I'm Drake
I eat that pussy like steak
She bad to the bone,
she send naked pics to my phone
She keep my dick hard as a stone
Gettin' head on my throne,
she lick a nigga no Patrón
Then slide on that D like a zone
I'm fly like a drone,
I got to the top on my own
I didn't sell my soul to get known
Don't come at me wrong,
you can get smoked like a bong
Then get yo ass put in my song
Two guns on my waist,
big clips like Deandre and Blake
I slid through his home like his base
He ran like a race
Then bullets came out his face,
I got out I might shoot like i'm ace
Check out my drip,
whole bunch of Gs on my kicks
I look like I hit a lick
I put my niggas on,
now my team inside like a pig
We on fire, we lit, call us Bic
I killed your homie,
( I'm with you blue ) like the Knicks
I told you i'm with the shits,
30 in my clip
I upped it and blew like a crip
But I'm Donatello with that stick
These niggas slaves,
these niggas sellin' they souls
These labels pimpin' they hoes
Dyeing they hair,
these niggas looking like trolls
Right now they gettin' exposed
You're not a boss,
you niggas do as you're told
For the right price you will fold
I know that I'm cold,
I'm bodying them like a robe
I just go in I'm like doors
I stay in my mode,
bitch I stay grippin' that pole
I don't let go like ( evolved )
While on the road,
we caught a case with a pole
        G                D
It got dropped because none of us told
Big faces, I be thumbin' through
My squad get money too
A bunch of Gs, on my fuckin' belt,
and my luggage too
Take your bitch,
fuck her from the back
Her dreams coming true
I fucked her good and she
told all her friends
They wanna fuck me too
I put my faith, In god and my gun
I don't trust none of you
Had heat on me while I sat
in class but it wasn't summer school
I shot niggas in these fucking
streets then ball like Uncle Drew
I pop these pussies pill out
on these bitches he Cliff Huxtable
Said I don't need a deal
I make money moves
Said I don't gotta sign
bitch I'm comfortable
If I see you and I don't
speak well that means
C      Am        D
I don't fuck with you
It's FGE and I'm the CEO
this what that money do
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