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Hateshinai sora no kanata
kirameku hoshi tachi no kioku
kobore ochiru hikari no
kakera wo dakishime nemuru

A    B A    B

C#m      E        A      B
tobidashita michi no sekai

C#m       E       F#  Ab
dokomade mo tzusuku aozora

C#m    E      A  E  F#
kibou to yume kono te ni

A     B     F#m Abm C#m
oosora kakenuketeiku

C#m F# C#m F#

A           Abm
mune no oku ni

        F#m          E
chiisana kodoku tojikome

anata to

te wo tsunaide

G          F# Ab
mirai egaite iru

C#m     E       A       B
harukanaru tabi no saki ni

C#m       E     F#     Ab
mada mita koto no nai sekai

C#m     E    A  E  F#
ushi na wareta kioku to

  A      B       F    Abm C#m
shinjitsu wo sagashi te iru

A          Abm
Mou hitori janai to

F#m        E
sotto tsubuaite

        G           F#m
tsunaida te no nukumorino naka

Em    F#m    G  A  Bm
sora no hate made tooku

[Instrumental 2]~
Bm  G A Bm
G F#m Em F#m C Bm
Am Bm C F# C# Ab

C#m      E      A      B
hateshinai sora no kanata

C#m      E     F#        Ab
kirameku hoshi tachi no kioku

C#m   E     A   E  F#
kobore ochiru hikari no

A       B      F#m  Abm C#m
kakera wo dakishime nemuru

Em       G      C       D
meguri meguru toki no naka

Em       G    A         B
ikuoku mo no hoshi no kodou

  Em      G   C   G A
te no hira ni uketomete

C      D       Am  G  C    D
kibou no sora no kanata e

Em                           E
tsunagaru hoshi to ao no sekai
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