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Am                      G
Beyond that mountain, I'm saying farewell,
C                      E
To a voice that I call my own, 
Am                      G
Into the lake that is sleeping so deeply, 
C       E       Am
Now it is all so far gone...

Am                      G
The sorrowful words that escape my mouth, 
   C                              E
They scar the hearts of each one of you,
Am                      G
Not wanting to utter them again, it sobbed, 
C       E       Am
Now it is all so far gone..

G               C                      Am             E
Good morning, Hello there my friends, How are you all doing today? 
G                      C
All those ordinary conversations, 
Am             E               Am
Oh, I just miss them so much...

Am             G
My voice has now disappeared,
C                               E
And all around I see all the forgotten smiles, 
Am                      G
It's all because everyone had always hated, 
C       E       Am
All of the words I say...

G               C
Heaving with quiet sobs, 
Am                              E
I feel my own voice leaving me,
And now it's gone,
Left behind and no matter how hard I try, 
Am      E       Am
I can not even cry...
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Published : 2017-06-12 15:53:00

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