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Basic Chords Miranda Lambert - If You Were Mine


About this song (If You Were Mine)

The song “If You Were Mine” by Miranda Lambert and Leon Bridges is a duet that expresses the feelings of unrequited love. The singers imagine how they would treat the person they love if they had the chance, but they know that they are not together. They use poetic imagery to describe how they would make their lover happy, such as making sure their stars are shining, bottling them up like lightning, and roping the moon for them.

The song was released on June 6, 2023 as a single. It was written by Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Jesse Frasure, and produced by Jon Randall. Lambert and Bridges are both from Texas, and they included some references to their home state in the lyrics, such as the Frio River. Lambert said that she wrote the song with Bridges in mind, and that she was glad that he agreed to collaborate with her.


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capo: 4th fret
G  Bm  F  C  G
[verse (1)]
Gyou're a needle in a haystack
you're Bmso damn hard to find
Fcandy apple red cadillac
Cyou're one of a kind
Ghe let you go like a dandelion
and you Bmblew out with the breeze
Fif i ever get a hold of you
i'd Cnever let you leave
i'd mGake sure your sEmtars are sDhining
Emsure as the frio is CwindinDg
i'd boGttle you up Emlike lDightning
i'd rEmope the moon for you a million tCimes
that's what i'd Ddo
if you were miGne
G  Em  Bm  F  C  G
i'd Gdrink you down like fine wine
'til tBmhere was nothing left
Fboy, it should be criminal
the wCay you steal my brDeath
i'd maGke sure your sEmtars are shDining
Emsure as the frio is CwindinDg
i'd boGttle you up like ligDhtning
i'd rEmope the moon for you a million tCimes
that's what i'd Ddo
if you were mGine
G  Bm  F  C  D
Di'd memorize you like a scripture
Chang on every word (ooh)
Di'd make you my whole world
Fboy, if i was her
Amgirl, for what it's worth
i'd mGake sure your stars are shDining (i'd make sure your stars are shining)
Emsure as the frio is Cwinding (sure as the Dfrio is winding)
i'd boGttle you Emup like lDightning (like lightning)
i'd Emrope the moon for you (for you) a million tCimes
that's what i'd dDo
if you were miGne
G  Em  Bm
Bmooh, if you were mFine
ooh-oCoh, if you were mine
mmm, if you were miGne
you were mBmine
you were mFine
all mine
Cmine (mGmm)
G  Em  Bm  F  C


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About Miranda Lambert

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