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A  Dm  D A  Dm  D
A  Dm  D A  Dm  D
A  Dm  D A  Dm  D
A  Dm  D

Cat Love Power don't wanna leave

                   Dm   D
It's not gay if you just receive

A                       B
I bruise my social gone hesitate

    D               E
As I think I'm gonna heave

[Verse 2]~
I'll have this transcription
prescribe me a love,..

                   Dm     D
I had a vision of a golden dove

A                  B
we locked eyes and oh darling

D                  E
I think I gained it's trust

A  Dm D

A          Dm D  A        Dm  D
Razor blade,.. take the blame,..

A        B            D              E
We're in about to find out if you're insane

Ever out truistic,..

   D#       E       D#        D
the chairman descends from the sky

education,.. reason,..

D#       E     D#      D
anything for a million miles

D       C
Ever out truistic

   B         D
the artist is high!!!

A          Dm D   A        Dm  D
Razor blade,.. take the blame,..

A         B          D              E
We're in about to find out if you're insane
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