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F#m  A  D  A

[Verse 1]
F#m        A  D          A
You are my joy, You are my song
F#m          A  E            A
You are the well, the One I’m drawing from
F#m          A    E              F#m
You are my refuge, my whole life long
Bm          A#/C    D
Where else would I go?

          A                        E
Surely my God is the strength of my soul
            F#m                    D
Your love defends me, Your love defends me
            A                  E
And when I feel like I’m all alone
            F#m                    D          F#m  A  D  A
Your love defends me, Your love defends me    Yeah

[Verse 2]
F#m        A  D          A
Day after day, night after night
F#m      A    E              A
I will remember, You’re with me in this fight
F#m          A      E        F#m
Although the battle, it rages on
    Bm      A#/C  D
The war is already won
          F#m      E    D
I know the war is already won

        A    E
We sing Hallelujah
You’re my portion
My salvation
D    E
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