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Mat Kerekes (born April 22, 1994) is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of rock band Citizen, of which he is a founding member. He is also a solo artist and a member of The Flats. Years active: 2009–present.
no capo!


C  F  C  F


Angels carve under the floor
Never alone in my bedroom now
Thinking 'bout us from the shore
Living life like a stray dog now
But i'm feelin' like a star with my
                              Em ( G )
Black jeans and my sunglasses on


              F        C
Thrown to the twilight
             F     C
Sleep well tonight
               Dm       Am
I can hear you laughing through
    G          C    F  C  F
The dark once again


Drawing cities in the sand
Places that i never wanna go
Leaving nails in the track
So i can find my way back home
    Dm                 Am
And everybody wants to hear from me
Dm                 Am
Everybody wants to know
           Em ( G )
Where i've been


                F           C
So i killed the fault lines
                F       C
Jumped from the mountainside
You could've heard me laughing
Am     G              F    G Em Dm
If you-- would listen close


        Am           G
You can say what you want
      Em               Dm
But i don't think that you'd understand
Am                G          Em
You walk with the lonely but you
Won't dare speak of them
But today i'm feeling like i'm lucky, i'm
F                           C    G
Running off with a new one again


               F           C
And we cut the power lines
           F        C
Signal the midnight
We will never be lonely
Am     G                C
In the world we've designed
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