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Mat Kerekes (born April 22, 1994) is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of rock band Citizen, of which he is a founding member. He is also a solo artist and a member of The Flats. Years active: 2009–present.
no capo!


Bb  F  C
Bb  F  C

[verse (1)]

Bb       F
  little silver haze
C                         Bb
  i am reaching backwards on the floor
     F                  C
From the disaster we've been
Yeah, we're wondering
Baby, tourniquet
C                                 Bb
  everybody's desperate for their heaven
          F                C
I'm still looking for mine now
                           F   C
And that's where i'll find you

[verse (2)]

Bb        F
  finally sail away
  are you gonna show the world
    Bb              F               C
The treasure you've created for yourself?
'cause you've bled for it
There's a loneliness
  i think i saw you standing in
  Bb               F
A field across the street from
Where you live
Waiting for the light from hell
And the leaves we smell

        Dm         F
Says we never knew time
   Dm         F       Dm
We never knew time at all

[verse (3)]

Bb                    F
  pickin' wildflowers from her hands
      C                 Bb
And i am blind to every moment that i waste
Pickin' wildflowers from her hands
And when she comes back
       Am                Gm
I will love her just the same
And i'll smile and say
Yeah, i'll smile and say
And i'll smile and say, i

[verse (4)]

           Dm         F
I guess we never knew time
   Dm         F       Gm
We never knew time at all
       Dm         F
No, we never knew time
We never knew time at all
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