If I Aint Got Chords

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G#Maj7- Gm7- Fm7- D#Maj7
F#- Gm7- Fm7- C#

D#Maj7                        Cm7
Some people live for the fortune
Fm7                           Ab7
Some people live just for the fame
D#Maj7                           C
Some people live for the power yeah
Fm7                               Ab7
Some people live just to play the game

D#Maj7       Fm7            Gm7      Fm7
Some people think that the physical things
F7sus4- D#Maj7 Fm7 Gm7 G#Maj7- Gm7- Fm7- D#Maj7
Define what's within
   D#Maj7             Fm7
I've been there before
    Gm7          Fm7
But that life's a bore
   D#Maj7       Fm7    Gm7
So full of the superficial

Cm7- Dm7- D#Maj7 G#Maj7
Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Cm7- Dm7- D#Maj7 G#Maj7
Some people want dimond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

Some people search for a fountain
Promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them

Hand me the world on a silver plater
And what good would it be
No one to share
No one who truly cares fo me

Some people...
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Published : 2017-06-08 13:39:07

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