Released: 2017

F                        Am
I found your summer clothes
        A#            F
In a closet yesterday
        A#            F
I can give 'em all away
Unless you'll wear them

          Dm          F
My memory ain't the best
          A#                  F
One more time, what's your address?
                A#            F          C
They should get there by the end of this week
Or the next
I've been thinking 'bout you
A#                F
Funny how that goes
        A#            Dm        C                F
Lookin' for my winter jacket, I found your summer clothes

F  A#  Am  F  A#  Am

F                        Am
I'm alright, thanks for asking
        A#                  F
Summer came and summer's passing
      A#                      F
Deep down, you know it's the same old
There's a lotta talk, but nothing happens
Dm                F
They built a new casino
Dm                      F
And they call it 'Little Reno'
But the blinking sign's
Gotta busted light
Says 'Welcome to eno'
I always think about you
A#                  F
'Specially when it snows
I see you there
Your sunlit hair
Wearing summer clothes

A#  Am  F  A#  Am  F

And do you think
            F                C
You'll ever make it back to town
I don't like the way there is a
F                                    Am
There is a lot of good folks little seeing you around
A#                    F            C
And I'll hang on to a pair of your sneakers
Maybe a couple t-shirts
You know we see the sun
For one or two months

F                    C
I found your summer clothes
A#            F
In a closet yesterday
              C            F    Am
But I really called to say hello
Dm                F
It sure was good talking to you
A#                F
I let you off the phone
Put on my winter jacket
    C                  F
And send your summer clothes
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