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[Intro :]
Am C F E

[Verse 1 :]
Am                  F          Am
I have something to say to you
                            Bm              Am
And it's just, it's just too little, too late
      Cm              F              Am
It's time now we both face the truth
                    Bm      Em
It's time we go our separate ways
      F                  Am
Don't know how everything got confused
        F                      E
Can't explain the mess that we made

[Chorus :]
Oh release me!
F  E  Am
Please, release me
  F  E          Am F E
Oh please, let me go

[Bridge :]
F                          Am
Don't you have something to say to me?
F                E
Do what I can't, no matter how I try
F              C
Break my heart, set me free!
F              E
Just tell me good bye!

[Chorus :]
Oh, release me!
F  E  Am
Please, release me!
  F    E  Am  F  E
Oh please, release
Release me
  F    E      C
Oh please, let me go

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