Insya Allah ft. Fadly Padi Chords

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Intro : Am G F [3x]
        F Dm E

Am             Dm
ketika kau tak sanggup melangkah
  G               E
hilang arah dalam kesendirian
      Am            Dm
tiada mentari bagai malam yang kelam
  G          E
tiada tempat untuk berlabuh

     F            C
bertahan terus berharap
      F            D
Allah selalu di sisimu

Reff 1:
         Am            F
   insya Allah, insya Allah
          G          E
   insya Allah ada jalan
         Am           F
   insya Allah, insya Allah
          G        E
   insya Allah ada jalan

every time you
commit one more mistake
you feel you can`t repent
and that it`s way too late
you`re so confused
wrong decisions you have made
haunt your mind and your
heart is full of shame

but don`t despair
and never lose hope
`cause Allah
is always by your side

Reff 2:
        Am           F
  insya Allah, insya Allah
         G                  E
  insya Allah you`ll find a way
        Am            F
  insya Allah, insya Allah
         G        E
  insya Allah ada jalan

Musik : Am G F [3x] F Dm E

         C         Am
turn to Allah he`s never far away
put your trust in him,
raise your hands and pray
        C                 Am
oh ya Allah tuntun langkahku di jalanmu
      Em              G
hanya Engkaulah pelitaku
       C           Am     E
tuntun aku di jalanMu selamanya

overtone :
          Bm           G
  insya Allah, insya Allah
          A                  F#
  insya Allah we`ll find our way
          Bm           G
  insya Allah, insya Allah
          A                  F#
  insya Allah we`ll find our way
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Published : 2017-11-07 04:18:07

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