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[Verse 1 :]
With my fingers in your mouth

You're only speaking vowels
And I like it
     F        C
And with your hand around my throat

I don't wanna see you go
         Fm     F
'Cause I like it
I took one too many
Now I got to stay up all night
   F      C
Or else I'm done for
I'm done for

[CHORUS 1]=====================
| F                G
| I'm in love with Tyler Durden
|        C         G
| That's why this shit
|       Am                F
| Ain't never working for me
|        G                C
| I'm in love with a fantasy

[Verse 2 :]
This is your life and it's ending
One minute at a time
So what you gonna do?
Yeah, what you gonna do?
         C                        Fm
I've had one too many for you to take me down
             C                               Fm
So you gonna need to keep me up or I'ma fall down

[CHORUS 2]=====================
|     F                G
| And I'm in love with Tyler Durden
|        C        G
| That's why this shit
|      Am                F
| Ain't never working for me
|         G               C
| I'm in love with a fantasy
|               F   G           C  G  Am
| 'Cause I'm in love with Tyler Durden
|                    F
| That's why none of this
|     G
| No, none of it's ever working
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Published : 2018-02-13 04:44:51

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