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Mac DeMarco was born in Duncan, British Columbia and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. During high school he was in several bands, including indie rock band The Meat Cleavers, alternative R&B group The Sound of Love and post-punk band Outdoor Miners (named after a song by English rock band Wire). His great-grandfather is Vernor Smith, Alberta's former Minister of Railways and Telephones, for whom DeMarco was named. His mother later changed his name to McBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco.
[Verse 1]~
Dm9     Dm6/9   Am9   Am9
Another turn,.. another shift

Dm9           Dm6/9     Am7  C9
One last kiss from her lips

Dm9          Dm6/9           Am9  Am9
Another dream you're putting down

Dm9           Dm6/9   Am7                      C9
After all this time,.. it turns out all you found

         Dm9  Dm6/9 Am9            Am9
Is one more love out to break your heart

      Dm9 Dm6/9          Am7      C9
Set it up just to watch it fall apart

[Verse 2]~
Dm9     Dm6/9 Am9     Am9
Another try,.. another go

Dm9           Dm6/9       Am7         C9
Never thought you'd feel this low

Dm9        Dm6/9  Am9   Am9
Another dream put to bed

Dm9           Dm6/9   Am7                C9
After all this time,.. it turns all you had

          Dm9 Dm6/9 Am9            Am9
Is one more love out to break your heart

      Dm9 Dm6/9  Am7                C9
Set it up just to watch it fall apart
Set it up just to watch it fall apart
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