Road Blaster Chords

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Dm    Am                C G
I was driving at the dawn
                Dm             Am       C G
But everywhere I go, everywhere I go I see you
Dm       Am             C G
Calling love to the land
                  Dm            Am
’Cause anything I do, Anything I do
C          G
Is about you

Dm Am C G
Dm Am C G

Dm      Am                            C G
I was searching at the speed of sound
                Dm                  Am
And I go up and down until I hit the ground
C      G
I need someone

Dm      Am                        C G
I was falling through the universe
                      Dm    Am
I went forward and reveeeeerse
C                G
To forget about you

Dm Am C G
Dm Am C G
Dm Am C G
Dm Am C G

[instrumental break]
Dm Dm Dm G F Am Em G

Dm       Am
Now you get me
C    G            F    Am    Em G
Just another soul to break
Dm    Am    C       G                  F Am Em G
Evil is God and Im going straight to Hell

Dm Am C G x10
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Published : 2017-07-03 14:13:41

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