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Am F C C C C G G
Am F C C C C G G7 G7 G7

[Verse 1]~
   Am   F       C                 G   G7
I'd been a moonshiner for 17 long years

      Am   F       C                   G    G7
And I spent all my money on whisky and beers

     F           G  G7      C          F
And I go to some hollow and set up my still

   Am   F       C                               G  G7
If whisky don't kill me Lord,.. I don't know what will

[Verse 2]~
     Am   F      C                    G        G7
And I go to some barroom and drink with my friends

             Am   F       C                   G     G7
Where the old women can't follow and see what I spend

    F                 G  G7    C             F
God bless them,.. pretty women I wish they was mine

          Am      F     C                     G   G7
And their breath is as sweet as the dew on the vine

Am F C C C C G G
Am F C C C C G G G7 G7

[Verse 3]~
           Am      F     C                      G       G7
Then Let me eat when I'm hungry let me drink when I'm dry

           Am   F          C                       G     G7
And(Hand..?) dollar when I'm hard up and religion when I die

    F               G  G7     C              F
The whole world's a bottle and life is but a dram

        Am    F     C                             G     G7
When the bottle gets empty,.. god it sure ain't worth a damn

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Lost Dog Street Band

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