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Basic Chords Lizzy McAlpine - ceilings



chordband » Lizzy McAlpine » ceilings

capo: 2nd fret
C  Em  C  G  DC  Em  D
[verse (1)]
C   ceilinEmgs, plastCer
can't you just maGke it move fDaster?
C   loveEmly to be sitting hDere with you
you're kinda cute but iCt's rainiEmng harCder
my shoes are Gnow full of wDater
C   loveEmly to be rained on wDith you
it's kinda cute but itC's so short
then you're driving me hoGme
and i don't wanna leaDve
but i have to gCo
you kiss me in your car
and it feGels like the start of a moDvie i've seen Embefore
[verse (2)]
C   bed sheeEmts, no clotChes
touch me like nGobody elDse does
C   lovely to just lay herDe with you
you're kinda cute and Ci would Emsay all of tDhis
but i don't wanna rGuin the mDoment
C   lovely to sBit between comfCort and chaDos
C   but it's over
then you're driving me hoGme
and it kinda comes oDut as i get up to gCo
you kiss me in your car
and it feGels like the start of a mDovie i've seen before
C   but it's not real
and you don't exGist
and i can't recDall the last time i was kisCsed
it hits me in the car
and it feGels like the end of a moDvie i've seeEmn before


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About Lizzy McAlpine

Elizabeth Catherine McAlpine (Born: September 21, 1999) is an American singer-songwriter. Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, McAlpine began gaining recognition by posting original songs and covers on the platforms SoundCloud and YouTube. In 2020, she released her debut studio album, Give Me a Minute, to critical acclaim.

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